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Guangzhou kaili lai electrical machinery co., LTD

Guangzhou kaili lai electrical machinery co., LTD. Was established2013Years8Month,The company is located in guangzhou panyu district,The factory covers an area of4500Square meters,Employees60More than one,Slag is the production of large thermal power plants,In addition to the dust,Coal,The desulfurization of power station auxiliary equipment such as emerging enterprises。

     Now has new production equipment,Including driving,Radial drilling machine,Sawing machine,Milling machine,CNC automatic linear cutting machine,Shearing machine,Lathe,Bending machine,Co2 gas shielded welding,Argon arc welding,Rolling,Gold is cut,Shot peening,And other processing equipment100余Taiwan,Four welding test equipment,Standard test instruments15Taiwan,Annual production capacity of design2000Sets,Nearly10000Tons。


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2017/11/5 14:52:21
Absorption tower blender mechanical seal
2017/11/5 11:32:03
The absorber slurry circulating pump mechanical seal
2017/11/5 9:27:54
Absorption tower blender mechanical seal


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Waste incineration power plant adopts advanced 2-phase grate furnace technology,Process is as follows:Domestic waste from garbage closed truck to power plants→Electronic truck scale weighing→Discharged into the waste material of closed pit→Garbage by the grab bucket→To the hopper→The pusher→Incinerator,High temperature combustion within the incinerator,Burning…
FGDSlurry circulating pump in the flue gas desulfurization section is one of the main equipment,Responsible for the transportation after lime slurry into the absorption tower,In order to spraySO2(Sulfur dioxide)The acidic gas such as。For lime slurry pumping medium,It contains15~20%Solid particles,The main ingredients forCaSO4、CaCO3And a small amount ofSiO2、Al2O3…
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