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    Anpingxian黄瓜视频Wire mesh products co., LTD. Is a production-oriented enterprises,Perennial supply of high iron stinging roll cage;Stainless steel blade thorn rope;Railway protective barrier pillar and support;Gas pipeline、Drainage pipelines such as the climb;The balcony、In the wall、Outside air conditioning machine such as plane anti-theft sting;Fence netting isolation protection product, etc。黄瓜视频Silk screen is located in the Chinese and foreign famous“Chinese silk screen of the township”、“Wire mesh production base in China”——Anping county, hebei province,Adjacent to China anping international wire mesh production base and China anping international wire mesh world。From Beijing capital airport250Kilometers,From tianjin port200Kilometers,The geographical position is extremely superior。Our company has set up a subordinate factory specializing in the production“Guard rail lines”Related products:High-speed stinging roll cage、High iron pillar support(Soil type stent and encryption column、Embrace hoop and so on)、Barbed wire(Wire drawing)And other supporting products。In addition,Our company newly developed successfully.....Click to view details
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