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Pu cheng yu real estate appraisal co., LTD,In my company2005Years6Month was established,2010According to company law and the relevant provisions of the state restructuring。By a single management mode gradually changed to conform to the modern enterprise mode。Now the company's internal institutions by the shareholders' committee、The board of directors、The board of supervisors。As a legal person、Chairman of the board of directors、Certified real estate appraiser act as supervisor。All registered capital funded by a natural person,Certified real estate appraiser investment proportion accounted for84%,For other staff16%。

Set up the manager、Financial、File management、Technology department, etc。With the support of Banks at present,Vigorously promotes the internal work processes、Strict risk control、Quality measures,Business accounts for the whole city85%The left and right sides。2014Years ago a region of certified real estate appraiser11Name,In my company9Name...Described in detail>>

  • Real estate appraisal institution qualification certificate of the People's Republic of China
    Real estate appraisal agency qualification certificate...
  • The tax registration certificate of quality
    The tax registration certificate...
  • The real estate industry in yunnan province association valuation branch governing units
    The real estate industry association governing units...
  • Pu 'er city industrial and commercial bureau designated contact service of private enterprise
    Private enterprises designated contact service...

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