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Shandong·Jinan lives lifting machinery co., LTD(Jinan lives lifting machinery)Was established2011Years,Is located in“China's rural hydraulic lift platform”Known as the national hydraulic lift、Lift platform manufacturing base--------Jinan jiyang。The company is a collection research and development、Production、Sales in the integration of professional、Modern enterprise,Management practices、Sophisticated equipment、Strong technology、The craft is advanced,Detection technology to improve,In the same industry have a higher level of modern management and strong design、Production capacity。Company's success“Special equipment manufacturing license”( Serial number:TS2437706-2017)And“Special equipment installation maintenance license”( Serial number:TS3437A15-2017),Is the national minority has a design、Production capacity to achieve100Tons of manufacturing enterprises of the lift platform,Is the contract keeping promises units。The main products are:Fixed guide lift platform(Hydraulic cargo lift)、Shear fork lift platform、Mobile lift platform、Aluminum alloy lift、 Vehicular lift platform......

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2019-03-26Lifting equipment commonly used production steps——Welding
Normal production of hydraulic lift is a process with the most commonly used welding,To introduce the concept of welding welding is a widely used method of permanent connection,Widely used in machinery manufacturing、Shipbuilding、Building、Petroleum chemical industry、Electric power、Bridges、Boiler and pressure vessel manufacturing industry。...

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  • Guide rail type lift platform advantage
    Guide rail type lift platform advantage1. Large capacity hydraulic lift platform,Can realize the floor control,With safety interlock function,To use security。 2.Empty......
  • Elevator safety management system construction
    To strengthen the construction of elevator safety management system is an important measure to ensure its safe operation。Elevator operator safety regulations to go through the legal administration culture......
  • How to choose and crank arm lift
    With the development of social science and technology now,Aluminum alloy elevator using more and more widely,Whether it's building,Civil engineering,And the People's Daily life is inseparable from the hydraulic lifting machinery,Xu......
  • Lifting the car lift platform procedures for safe use
    A、When a car lifting lift platform to stability,Down slowly。2、It is forbidden to lift lifting machine lift platform when some homework。3、Found operating mechanism is ineffective,The motor is not......
  • Aluminum alloy lift considerations for the contract signing
      When buying aluminum alloy hydraulic lift,Many customers due to do not know how to sign a contract in a passive situation,That there is a problem when rational thing,In this,Dhi......