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The loose board brand linyi remit to board industry co., LTD. To provide you with the loose board pictures,OSBPlate prices,Directional particieboard,The loose board,Directional plate structure,Hotline:4000-567-087
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          • Linyi remit to board industry co., LTD. Is established on the basis of the wood industry in jiangxi bamboo-shack remit,The distribution center is located in the plate production―Linyi city YiTang town,Is2011In one of the key investment project。The company covers an area of3Million square meters,The total investment13500Ten thousand yuan,Local baoge zhu industrial park east jianghu、Nitto highway,Near the Qingdao port and lianyungang,Rumors of radiation throughout the country in the modern logistics and rich resources of wood plank,Location advantage is obvious。 The company introduces capacity40000Cubic meters fully automaticOSBThe production line,Main production directional particieboard(OSB),Also called the matsuzaka、Directional plate structure,KnownOSB(Oriented Strand BoardThe abbreviation)。Can be widely used in home decoration、Pallet packing materials(No need to fumigation......
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            Linyi remit to board industry co., LTD
            Contacts:Business manager
            A mobile phone:15963991078
            The phone:0539-8556968
            Customer service free of charge:4000-567-087
            QQ :2392984796/383418666
            Address:Linyi city of shandong province YiTang baoge zhu town industrial park


            The company was founded in2011Years。
            BaDuo years production experience,Technique。
            Hundreds of new and old customers to choose,Trustworthy brand。
            Have multiple technology base。
            Has the advanced English、Italy、The United States manufacturing equipment。
            Have a number of research and development and technical personnel and management personnel。
            Adhering to the“The quality of every day,Is consistent”The management idea,
            To advocate“Oneself first,After work”The core values。
            By delivering orders,No matter the size strictly to ensure product quality and delivery date。
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          • OSBDirectional particieboard make furniture
          • OSBDirectional particieboard household decorates
          • OSBDirectional particieboard household decorates
          • OSBDirectional particieboard household decorates
          • OSBDirectional particieboard household decorates
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