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One advantage Polyvinyl butyral print has a strong adhesion
Advantage 2 Polyvinyl butyral waterproof、Acid resistance、Heat resistance、Ageing resistance
Three advantage Polyvinyl butyral low freezing point,Good flow property

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Source of huachang chemical trade co., LTD. Was established in tianjin2008Years,The main business products are polyvinyl butyral(PVB) Polyvinyl formal acetal(PVF) Polyvinyl acetaldehyde(pvac)And polyvinyl alcohol(PVA)Four categories of products。To organic chemical adhesive product promotion in the industry、To communicate information、Service market、Development areas、For the development of new materials。After years of development,Tianjin huachang source has polyvinyl butyral in China and of polyvinyl formal acetal industry occupies the dominant position!Has become a measure of polyvinyl butyral industry in China!Polyvinyl butyral resin is hot melt polymer compounds。Appearance is white or light yellow powder particles。The nature of non-toxic、No harm、No corrosive resin,Weather、High transparency、Crooked、Good insulation、Film forming and low temperature impact resistance and excellent physical and chemical properties,And inorganic acid fatty hydrocarbon and ultraviolet rays,Hardy、Water resistant、Ageing resistance have excellent properties。More because of many excellent properties of polyvinyl butyral and developable,It has been widely used in many industries。Can be used for glass sandwich material、Solar silicon diaphragm、Etch primer、The anticorrosive coatings...

Polyvinyl butyral

Polyvinyl butyral is a kind of industrial materials Polyvinyl butyral as industrial raw material made of thin film is widely used in the production of sandwich safety glass,It can provide safe glass transparent performance、Resistance to impact strength,Polyvinyl butyral in aviation、Cars, and other fields is also indispensable raw materials。Polyvinyl... READ MORE

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